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The GeniusReport® is a revolutionary Personality and Potential Analysis, which is based solely on a person’s birth data (date, time and place). The Genius Report-Compact can be created free of charge, the comprehensive report is fee-based. The objective of the GeniusReport is to support you in developing your innate talents and strengths authentically and also, to make your potential transparent to others. The report can therefore be used both for reflection or coaching processes, as well as in recruiting, personnel development and team building. Unlike other testing methods, which are based on questionnaires, this analysis cannot be deliberately distorted and does not depend on the condition of that person on a particular day, nor the socialisation they have had. The GeniusReport shows the natural talents and the inner reality of a human being.


The GeniusReport is based on the assumption that the world in which we live is defined by a mathematical matrix, which can be represented by a binary code of zeros and ones. The Nobel Prize Winner for Physics in 1999, Gerardus’ t Hooft, describes this in the “Holographic Principle”.

Our DNA, i.e. the genetic information which represents the blueprint for all life, in its essence also corresponds to a binary code. Simply put, for the calculation of a GeniusReport astronomical constellations are related to the 64 hexagrams of the Chinese I-Ching. The IChing, a philosophy dating back thousands of years, correlates 100% with the structure of the human DNA. This was discovered and scientifically proven in the 1950s. (See Dr. Martin Schoenberger “The I Ching & The GENETIC CODE – The Hidden Key to Life“). Even if all of this might still be considered very critically by a scientific mind, the precise statements and results which are expressed in the GeniusReport, are evident.

The question is therefore not whether the Genius-Method can prove its scientific nature, but rather: “Why is science not yet able to explain why these correlations exist and why are the statements of each GeniusReport so fitting?” (

The Snapsot Report is a brief outline of the full report, it gives you a taster. Request your Genius Snapshot Report now!


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