Leadership & Management Coaching

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have great ideas, the drive and passion to get things done and succeed. Quite often, though they lack the skills needed to lead a team.

The business evolves around them, with little or no consideration for how to develop the business. 

Entrepreneurs take the leap into self-employment, either because they come up with an amazing idea or because they're fabulous at what they do. They then need to become leaders - often without knowing or really understanding what that means. 

Leadership and management are disciplines in themselves; take your management role seriously! 

Business strategist Wendy Sneddon has drawn on her experience of working with entrepreneurs to develop a coaching programme to help business people get it right and build a successful, high performing team.


"You can't expect employees to exceed your customers' expectations if you don't exceed your employees' expectations of management."

Howard Schultz, Founder of Starbucks

Wendy Sneddon

Wendy Sneddon

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