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In a recent survey of small business owners, we asked them "in a typical week, how often does managing the HR side of your business make you feel stressed at work?"

We weren't very surprised that almost 50% of respondents answered that they felt stressed at least half the time. 

"HR costs you time and money - and causes a whole load of stress!"

Survey Respondent.

Any successful business is built on the solid foundations of a clear vision, a strong mission, values and principles, and the ideal culture. 

We built our support for hard working and passionate entrepreneurs to give them the tools to build their team and grow their business. 

All of the resources you need to make sure you:

  • recruit the right people
  • provide the right environment for your team to develop
  • offer them the rights and protections they’re guaranteed by law  
  • keep up to date with changes to legislation
  • have access to the latest and best HR advice through relevant websites and our in-house HR and legal team
  • provide your team with legal and relevant contracts of employment
  • write policies, procedures and handbooks which work for your business and your team
  • have the HR software you need, tailored for your business, at your fingertips with HRForYou

You can access this support for a monthly fee based on the size of your business.

We can also offer a more tailored support, both online and onsite.

Your Virtual HR Team

However comprehensive our HR services may be, there will be occasions when a situation just doesn’t fit with the norm. We are dealing with people after all!

Our clients can contact their virtual HR Manager for case-specific advice. It may be that the best course of action is to discuss the options available to come up with the solution that works for you and your team. This can be done with a phone call or on-site visit.

You can rest assured that our advice reflects current HR best practice and we hold the highest standards of confidentiality.

There may be an occasion where despite having airtight policies, and following procedures to the letter, you have a member of the team who feels that they have been treated unfairly. Despite your best efforts this may end up with you having to go through an employment tribunal.

This process can prove costly in terms of reputation, time and money. We can recommend an employment lawyer. Our recommended employment lawyers are leaders in the field, and the initial meeting is always complimentary. Quite often if you see a professional early enough, a tribunal can be avoided.

HR Service

HR Service

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